Air Ambulance Company – Medical Care

The following points below are the standards needed for the qualifications:

1. Aircraft and flight crews

The main point of the air ambulance is the aerial transportation, the pilot, and the crew. In the United States, Commission on Air Medical Transportation System (CAMTS) has given accreditation to air ambulance companies, just to make sure if they have fit the requirements needed. Although CAMTS accreditation is voluntary, there are some nations that include this accreditation as a requirement for the medical company.

2. Medical staff

Although it is not compulsory, but an air ambulance medical company is expected to have Emergency Medical Technicians, Paramedics, flight nurses, a respiratory therapist, and in some cases are physician; but in critical cases they are obligated to have a physician and nurse.

3. Medical equipment

The aircraft used for an air ambulance is specially designed for life supporting activity. So, there are a few differences in the interior of the aircraft. There’s a lot of advance medical equipment on board to support the air ambulance crew for doing their job.

The main service is transporting patient from one location to another location as fast and safe as possible, but there are other services provided by the medical company, such as providing basic medical transportation, exclusive medical transportation, and other services.

If you want to take air ambulance service, you can get in touch with their customer service, by calling them or visiting their website online. Then select the services you need and match your budget, or if you didn’t know what kind of services you need, just ask them what service they would recommend. After that, they will ask you for further information such as the name of the patient, his/her age, the current location of the patient, and the name of the destination; and then the medical company will handle other necessary arrangements, also they will monitor the flight process until the patient successfully transported. ambulance company

So, when our life or the lives of our beloved ones are threatened, and we’re really in need of a secure and fast transportation to save ourselves or our beloved ones, there are medical companies using air ambulance as their mean for it. After all, emergency cases need prompt and concise actions.

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