Applying The Ingredients Of Love In Marriage

In this article we are going to share what I term the ‘Ingredients’ of love as applied in marriage.


First of all let us look at what ingredients are generally. For instance, the ingredients of soup or the ingredients of stew what they are.

Ingredients of soup or stew are those items that when they are adequately applied in soup or stew bring out the taste and flavor as well as the color of the soup or stew. They are such things as fish, meat, onions, tomatoes, oil, salt, etc.

Soup will not have taste when there are no ingredients. And in the same vein, stew will not have the flavor and taste when there are no ingredients.

Another thing about ingredients is that even if they are applied, but not properly and adequately applied, the soup or stew will not bring out the required taste or flavor or color. Thus, it is one thing to have ingredients and apply them, it is another thing to apply them properly and adequately.

From the above explanation, we can go to ingredients of love. Cishqi

Within the qualities of love are the ingredients of love. The ingredients of love help to make the qualities of love what they are. When the ingredients of love are properly applied, when they are adequately applied in our day to day life, in our relationship with our spouse, we begin to see and enjoy the sweet taste and flavor of love.

As we begin to see and enjoy the sweet taste and flavor of love, we now begin to benefit and experience the full taste of love and its flavor. You should note that it is only when these ingredients are properly and adequately applied in your relationship with your spouse that you will have the full taste and flavor of love.

When you love and you are loved, it blossoms in your life; it permeates through your whole being, and as it permeates through your whole being, it prolongs your life span as it heals your body, your soul and your spirit. Remember that God is Love. That is the mystery. Thus, you have God when you have Love. As you have love, you have Supernatural healing.

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