Awesome Haircuts Vs Ordinary Haircuts

The secret lies within the experience of the hair designer, talent, and time spent. Of these variables, one separates the $10 haircut from the $300 haircut. You might be thinking it is the experience and talent of the hair designer. This does matter, but in my opinion, the determining factor is the time spent.

It makes sense that a salon that caters to the majority of population’s income level, would make more money charging a low price and depend on high volumes of traffic. This means the hair designer must work fast, and get as many customers in and out as quickly possible. The hair designer has been trained to cut a specific way that maximizes the cutting time, and minimizes the time spent. herrenfriseur aachen

I have worked in such a place when I first started in the industry. I was taught to use the same cutting techniques on every customer, without consideration given to the individualistic characteristics of each person’s hair. I have never seen any two people with the exact hair texture, wave pattern, amount of hair, etc. A person’s hair is like their fingerprints, and unique from anyone else’s. Therefore, using the same cutting techniques on everyone does not and cannot result in an awesome haircut.

After about a year of working in the franchise-quickie haircut salon, I knew the customers were less than thrilled with the haircuts. Therefore, despite the goals set by the salon, I decided to slow down and pay attention to each customer’s uniqueness. The difference was dramatic. I found that by combing the hair and checking how the hair was responding to each snip I made, I could take the ordinary haircut into an awesome haircut.

Cutting this way took longer of course, but the result was well worth the effort. I learned that even microscopic snips in the right places is the key to awesome haircuts. It was not a matter of sticking to a particular cutting method; it was a matter of taking my time. I became a hair artist, and the customers loved it. Eventually this led me to work in a more exclusive hair salon, where I could take my time and charge more money. I was surprised to find that a good majority of my customers were willing to pay three to four times what they were paying in order to have me cut their hair in the new salon.

The best hair designers take their time. They do not rush, look at the clock, walk away from their customer in the middle of a haircut to answer a phone, skip the pre-haircut consultation, or let their customer leave with wet hair. All of these things add up to a $10 haircut. If you have been accustomed to this kind of treatment, you probably have never had an awesome haircut. You do not have to spend $300 to get an awesome haircut, but you have to find someone who is willing to take his or her time cutting hair, or cut hair yourself.

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