Different Types of Wooden Name Plaques

There are a lot of great types of wooden name plaques out there. This makes it possible for almost anyone to find one that is going to match their personal style, as well as match the look they are trying to create in their home or office. Here are some of the more common types of wooden name plaques, as well as some of the things most people look for when they purchasing them. personalised water bottle

The way the wood is engraved is important, and depending on where your name plaque is going, that could change what type of engraving style you want. If the plaque is going to be in your office, depending on what type of vibe you want to create, you can go either a very fancy word styling, or you can go with a more laid back version if you want. For a home decoration product, you can go with a less fancy version and still be very happy with the result.

Your different colors of wood are going to depend on the type of wood used and the color of stain used. Cheaper woods are going to lead to cheaper wood plaques. For example, making a plaque out of pine is going to be much less expensive than making one out of oak or walnut. Pine is softwood which is less durable, and also has a much lighter natural color to it. Oak is a hardwood that is a little darker but much more durable. If you do not want to spend a lot of money on those hardwoods, you can purchase pine and use an oak colored stain to create that look. Some people do this, but I prefer keeping walnut stain on walnut and oak stain on oak.

Picking from those different types of wood and colors is going to be a big decision, so take your time and investigate all of the possibilities. If you do that you will have no problem finding one that you enjoy. Most people that buy this type of item end up really enjoying them, and I’m sure if you follow these simple steps and think about what it is you are looking for, you will enjoy them as well.

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