Injections For Erectile Dysfunction – Do They Work?

Pharmaceutical drugs can create a life-changing impact to every man who is suffering with erectile dysfunction. The impact that they create should be measured by some potential problem that may take place. A sensitive communication with your partner about the aim of using the drug is necessary as to establish a strong support on no matter what the result will be.

Injection for erectile dysfunction is an option to consider.

Brand Name – Chemical Name
Regitine – phentolamine mesylate
Caverject – alprostadil
Pavabid – papaverine hydrochloride

The table listed above are chemicals that doctors would mix together in order to create a vaccine known as Trimix. The medication will simple be injected into the side of the penis using a tiny needle. Pain is out of the issue since most patients confess that the feeling is tolerable, although the thought of injecting the medication all by their self is indeed uncomfortable. There are times when these medications are obtainable in an auto-injector where the needle is concealed, thus it would be easier for usage. Simply adjust the dose in order to create a specialized formula that will go with one’s erection needs that could last the preferred length of time.

Your doctor must provide sample use of the injection for erectile dysfunction while you are at the office. This will give them the chance to determine if the medication works for your personal needs and if you would be able to use it properly. Adverse reactions like painfully long-lasting erection will also be noted if necessary. ketamine for depression

Before sex, the medication will be injected into the penis in order to relax the muscles situated around the blood vessels that flow into the penis. When relaxation is achieved, it will augment the level of blood flow thus erection which can last for about 30 minutes or longer is achieved. The duration of erection may vary depending on how much injection for erectile dysfunction is administered. Success rate is 85%.

Like any other, injection for erectile dysfunction has its own dose of side effects such as priapism. Call your doctor the soonest possible time especially when the erection lasts for more than 4 hours since the condition can create damage to the tissue within the penis.

Other side effects to watch for are:

o Excessive pain in the penis. An alarming 50% of users reported that they felt a cruel soreness after use. To prevent this problem; administering the drug slowly may do the trick. Sad to say, there are few men who simply stop using the medication because of fear that the pain may attack again.

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