LED Flashlights: Promotional Mini Flashlight Keychains

Functional and practical items have always made ideal promotional items and mini LED flashlight keychains are no exception. Custom engraved or imprinted LED flashlight keychains are being used by and businesses and individuals for a variety of special events from tradeshows and conferences to parties and reunions.

Mini flashlights have become indispensable objects in our everyday lives and can be found everywhere from our homes and cars to our camping gear and keychains. Due to their small size these mini flashlights are typically carried on keychains. Basically, mini flashlights with two types of bulbs are being used; those with light emitting diodes (leds) and incandescent (filament) bulbs. LEDs are by far the most widely used. Compared to incandescent bulbs they are brighter, longer lasting and are available in an assortment of beam colors ie. red, blue, green etc. Because the batteries (button cells) used to power LEDs are smaller than those used for filament bulbs (AAA), Mini LED flashlights can be made much smaller as well as flatter than filament bulb flashlights.

Typically you’ll see button cell batteries for LED devices in the shape of flat silver discs (that look like buttons, hence the name button cells) in a variety of sizes and voltages. The voltage needed to power a filament type mini flashlight bulb is 1.5V compared to 6.0V for a LED. acrylic keychain

Today promotional mini led flashlight keychains can be found in both anodized aluminum as well as durable plastic in a variety of colors and custom shapes. Customization methods used for these promotional mini flashlights include laser engraving for flashlights with aluminum shells and either pad printing or full color process printing for flashlights encased in plastic. Laser engraving produces a bright white image by removing the surface anodized color coating exposing the color of the aluminum underneath. Pad printing typically produces an image in a single color. The disadvantage of pad printing is that it is prone to wear and will scratch off over time. Full color process printing is the method of choice for printing custom shaped mini flashlights. Here the full color image is first printed on white vinyl with an adhesive back and then contour cut to the exact shape of the flashlights imprint area. The advantages of this type of printing and application is that multi color logos can be reproduced and the imprints won’t wear or scratch off.

Today mini led flashlight keychains can be found incorporated into a variety of different products with multiple functions including carabiners, pens, bottle openers, whistles and more. Mini flashlight keychains made from anodized aluminum in the basic tube and carabiner shapes have become the industry standard for promotional flashlights. For a complete selection of blank and custom engraved mini flashlights at below wholesale prices

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