The Importance Of Screening Equipment And Fluidised Bed Dryer In The Food Industry

Machines have been proven to help people get their tasks done in a quicker way. In a household alone, homeowners can do multitasking with the help of cleaning equipment. A busy mother is very much thankful for the creation of household machines as they can do their jobs easier and can accomplish more.

Companies on the other hand, especially those in the manufacturing industry have achieved better quality of their products and have greatly increased their productivity with the use of different machines. As a user, it is not necessarily needed to understand the functional mechanism of the equipment you are using. However for an industry such as the food business, proper training should be carried out for those operating machines.

Before food products reach the homes of people buying them, there are many processes involved. For the preparation of small, moist food products like sliced vegetables, shrimp, or peas, a fluidized bed dryer is one of the important equipment to be used. The operation of this piece is very easy. It handles the process on its own and demands very little human involvement making food well-preserved from any form of contaminants.

How does a fluidized bed dryer work? linear vibrating screen

First, it dries up all the moist materials fed on it. Sufficient air volume lifts the bed of material. The air takes away the moisture into a dust recovery system. Through the shaking action of the bed, materials are equally distributed and transported throughout the dryer. Hot air is then recycled to sustain the process.

For a maximised process, this bed dryer has controlled airflow. Food items that are very sticky or wet are properly handled through this mechanism. The natural moisture of such food going into the dryer is gradually depleted until the set dry quality is complete. Hot air is replaced by a cool ambient air in the cooling zone. This area is where the desired figure of the dried up food is finally achieved.

Another machine definitely used in the food industry is the screening equipment. It has various applications in food processing and production particularly in segregation and waste management. The circular screen is quite popular.

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