The Opportunities Available With Free Classified Ads

Free advertising is good. Free advertising for your online business is especially nice. And there are many free advertising opportunities out there. One of the best free advertising opportunities is a free classified ad. A lot of business owners overlook them thinking that type of advertising is a waste of time. It’s not a waste of time and the rewards can be massive.

A free ads are by definition, free! You can place a free online ad anytime. Night or day. Three hundred and sixty five days a year. No human interaction is required. No credit card or sign up costs. No recurring billing. And you can place the ad that you want with the wording that you want in as many free online ad sites as you feel practical.

Free classifieds can potentially put your business before thousand or more prospective buyers. The buyers or clients will see your ad, click on the link to your website, and possibly make a purchase when on your website. Many companies use free classified ads in their advertising plan. These companies have already used article marketing, blog commenting and other SEO tactics. They have added free classified ads as another tool in their optimization toolbox. The extra time invested? About two hours a week in time.

The easiest way to find free ad sites is by doing a Google search. You’ll find pages of them. The thing that you have to do is sort the good from the not so good. Here’s a list of “must haves” in a free classified ad site:

  • Free images. Adding images to your free classified ad is extremely important and does make a difference between getting a click or not.
  • A lengthy posting life. If your classified ad will only be up for one week and you have a bunch of them on different one week limit sites you will be spending more that couple of hours a week. Find a site that has at least a 90 day post life. There are many that offer 180 days or more. free classifieds
  • Clickable links. Without a link to you online business you’re just spinning wheels. Obviously you could put you web address in the ad in plain text and invite your readers to copy and paste the address into their browser. Not to likely. Unless the ad is very compelling they will move to the next ad.
  • Check the validity of the link. It is preferable that the link be one that Google and other search engines will follow, and not one that they will ignore. If you look at the HTML source and you see the word “nofollow” you have a link that will be disregarded by Google.
  • The site must load easily. If it takes a long time for a page to load people will navigate away from it. So should you.

Free classified ads are easy to place, they are easy for a customer to find, and they could be indexed by search engines. The right free classified ads will get your website more clicks and more backlinks. Best of all is that free classified ads are free.

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