Useful Things You Need to Know About Vaginismus

The fact is, there are lots of women who suffer from Vaginismus who are not aware of the different types of this disease. There are actually 2 types of Vaginismus, the Primary and the Secondary. If you have this disease, then you should know and understand these two types. To confirm the type of Vaginismus that you have developed will help you speed up the treatment process and lessen vaginal pain. These 2 types will be discussed below.

Primary vaginismus treatment
If you are experiencing vaginal pain during sexual intercourse for the first time or you find it painful to isert anything on your vagina, then that is Primary Vaginismus. What causes this type is mainly physical as well as psychological. On the physical aspect, it is mainly caused by sexual abuse or rape, and psychologically, it is caused by having negative thoughts or attitude towards sex or sexual intercourse. Primary Vaginismus are mostly affecting women with age group of 15-25, the age when most women had sex the first time or tried to insert tampons during monthly period.

Secondary Vaginismus
If before you do not feel any vaginal pain during sexual intercourse but are now feeling it, then you must be suffering from Secondary Vaginismus. The main cause of this type of Vaginusmus is mainly physical, like yeast infection, activities that may cause strain on the vagina or its opening like delivering a baby. This is usually prevalent on women with age that ranges from 25 to 50.

Primary and Secondary Vaginismus Treatment
Treatment for these 2 types of Vaginismus is almost similar. The psychological as well as the physical treatment of Primary Vaginismus can also be administered on Secondary Vaginismus. Remedies consist of behavioral therapy, sexual counseling, sesate focus and Kegel exercises, vaginal dilation and many others. Both types can also be treated using acupressure, hypnotism and the likes.

Primary and Secondary Vaginismus Treatment Duration
There is a little variation when it comes to the treatment duration of these two types. Those women who are suffering from secondary vaginismus tend to heal faster as with those who are suffering from praimary vaginismus. The reason is that those who have secondary vaginismus recover faster because they are aided by their experience on painless sex. The overall health of the woman, the determination to complete the healing program and partner support can as well play a major role in the recovery process. Looking for the best treatment fit for you is made easy because of the internet. Look for the best one for you.

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